It’s not selfish. It’s a necessity.


First blog post! Yay! Hahaha! This entry somehow sums up the reasons of why I am now working twice as hard before I started getting  interested into going for a random weekend trip or purchasing a plane ticket to sky jump. (Well… Still thinking about the sky jump. lol!)

There are things that you consider to be either necessity or luxury.

Traveling is a luxury for most people – for people who’s earning just enough to pay the bills, money for petrol and a tiny leftover will be saved up for one’s future. Okay. I’m really referring to myself here. haha! But I know some of you are going through the same situation. So… What changed my reckoning on travel not being a luxury and actually a necessity?

1.I felt so unmotivated to work. I never thought that a weekend getaway or even just a day trip would help me feel great on a Monday!

2.I learned that you really don’t need that much money to be like Dora and explore new places. A GPS, petrol, packed lunch and a good company is enough! Ooohh! And also befriend Mr.Google coz he’s a big help on finding free activities to do. 😉

3.Paying my bills and helping with the household expenses has always been my priority since I started to earn money. I have this mindset that it would be selfish if I spend my money traveling when there is something more important that should be at the top of my priority list. Until my not so recent heartbreak hahaha that I had to find a distraction and make myself happy again and be the old cheerful me. Traveling helped me during the healing phase. It is necessary and it’s not being selfish to take a break, do the so called “soul searching”, and just give yourself time to relax and think nothing else but how you will enjoy discovering new things, places and understanding yourself more.

Yes. travel could be expensive but it could also be low-cost that you will no longer  look on it as a luxury. So… Do your research, plan your trip, save up and go some place to relax and awaken that little adventurer in you. 😉

Up next…. How did I welcomed 2017?? With an adventure of course!

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