Goodbye Summer, Hello Somers!

I now enjoy walking and hiking , I understand that I need to save up and make sure that I have a travel fund that I can use. My friends and I have a new mantra: Work to wander. Lol! Sooo Lucky that I also have friends who are always ‘in’ with all the adventures I have in mind. hahaha! Well, they also agree that sometimes, going out of town to re-charge (though you’re still physically tired from the hike) is necessary.


As the sun blinding, skin darkening and heat fortified summer ends, my friends and I went  for a drive to say hello to Mt Somers. I’m the one who suggested to hike Mt Somers. Thinking that without any warm up walk, we would still be able to finish the 6 hours track with an average difficulty level. It is suggested to stay overnight at the wool shed creek hut but finishing the track is also do-able. We only want to do a day hike so we didn’t finish our route. When we reached one of the peaks which took us 3 hours and 45 mins return to the car park, we were satisfied and decided that we can do a full circuit of 9 hours next time.


Mt Somers has a number of track options. From track suitable for kids, overnight tramping and advanced tramping track. As you walk going to wool shed hut, from the car park you’ll pass by some historic mines and rock formations. We even saw parts of the rails used to transport the charcoals.

If you’re looking for a place to go on a weekend for a day hike or even just a short walk with picnic area, I recommend Mt Somers. You can bring sandwiches and fruits and have picnic by the river while you enjoy serenity of the surroundings. Please make sure that you will bring all your trash!

Smiling and trying to catch our breath. lol!









There goes our adventure for the month of March. Get ready for next month’s road trip to West Coast. 😉

3 thoughts on “Goodbye Summer, Hello Somers!

  1. Stevenson Que

    Why is everything so beautiful in New Zealand!?!?!!! Well because one of my beautiful students is there right? 😉

    Keep on posting your adventures!


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