Sweet Escape

To escape. Escape from a bitter ending of a once sickly sweet relationship was one of the few reasons why we started our dessert business. A very close family friend who also happened to be a great baker partnered with me in this luscious endeavour.


We established our business plan and marketing strategies on October 15, 2016. The next day, we posted our menu then we have our first customer who ordered a box of assorted brownies!

Now, not only that I have a hobby that is making me happy, it is also helping me fund my travels! Hahaha! Killing two birds in one stone. More orders is equal to more travels. That’s the most obvious tip. If you want to travel… Girl, you gotta work for it! lol! All the late night baking sessions after our day job is nothing compared to the happiness Dulće  gives us.

We’re now on our way to our 6th month in this business and people are asking where is our shop located and do we accept part-timers? We’ve sold hundreds of different kinds of desserts, we’ve catered events, helped a family in need and the most important of all, a heart has been mended and back in it’s sweet state of gladness and completeness. I am thankful to Ate Angelie, our family and friends who supports Dulće.


Please continue adding sweetness in your life with Dulće Desserts!


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