Easterners on the West: Confetti from the Sky

Hello again! It’s been weeks since my last post. I’ve been very busy at work, with Dulce and I wasn’t able to write and edit our West Coast road trip video. Since it was a 3 days 2 nights trip, I’ll do 2 blog posts and I’ll try to keep them short and interesting as possible. haha!

Here in New Zealand, Easter holiday starts on a Friday (Good Friday) until Monday (Easter Monday). We left Christchurch Friday at 6 o’clock in the morning; Unlucky to have bad weather (As in very bad! There was a cyclone and they said that it was one of the worst cyclones that New Zealand had in so many years!).

Let me introduce you to the easterners who came along with me on this trip.

From Left to Right: Marc, Ruby, Mark and Kevin

For day one, I originally planned for us to go to Punakaiki. But because of the bad weather, we decided to postpone and just go to Ross and check if there’s any alternative activity that we can do. We stopped by Greymouth to get hot drinks at Bonzai Café which we thought has the best hot cross buns looking at the amount of buns the customers are carrying going out from the café… Turns out it was just a thought. 😉 Well.. it was confirmed by Marc. hehe! There’s nothing really special about it.


We arrived at Granny Oh Dear’s motel – her real name is Kate – earlier to our supposed check in time so we had to call her and we waited for 30 mins before she can check us in. We stayed at a small town called Ross (Where every establishment is called… well… Starts with Ross – Ross Motel, Ross Cemetery, Ross School, Ross Everything!).  We stayed there for 2 nights.

 One of the must do activity that I found is to visit the Ross Cemetery for historical headstones. Yup! That’s our first activity. We went to a cemetery. And!! We went to the wrong cemetery. lol! There was a cemetery on the way to our motel and we thought that it was the cemetery with unique and historic headstones. Later that afternoon, we went to Ross beach and we spent five minutes on the shore. Why that quick? Because we didn’t do the sun dance. lol! It rained. Again.

Ross Beach

For dinner, it’s was the ladies’ duty to cook! We had creamy carbonara. Happy tumtum! 😀


Honestly,  we didn’t do any exciting activity that day. Whenever we attempt to be little explorers, we’re getting confetti from the sky.

Day 2 at Lake Matheson and Day 3 at Hokitika / Punakaiki on my next blog.

Keep wandering!

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