West Coast Virgins

Spontaneity, as I have mentioned on one of my previous post, makes a trip more interesting and fun. Our West Coast trip is pretty much it. Interesting and fun (Well… for me, I don’t know if the rest of the travel squad feels the same. Hahaha!). Interesting because I’ve got our itinerary sorted but due to the bad weather, we kind of have to alter our original plan so we had a few side trips. Fun because almost all of us are West Coast Virgins. So we were like little explorers. 😉

Day 2 – Lake Matheson / Ross Town


Famous for the reflected views of Mount Cook and Mount Tasman. Sadly, it was a cloudy that day and we didn’t see the reflection of the mountains. But!!! It was still beautiful as it mirrors the trees lined up on the edge of the lake.


We had time to explore Ross before dinner. We went to a historic cemetery (yes, this time, the correct cemetery.. haha!) and their information centre offers a great display of the local history. They have activities for tourists like panning of gold nugget and short walks to see mining relics and tunnels.

Day 3 – West Coast Treetop Walk and Café / Hokitika Gorge / Punakaiki Pancake Rocks and Blowholes

First stop, West Coast Treetop Walk and Café. A 1.2km loop track, elevated 20 metres above the forest floor. How cool is that?! It has 11 stops and each stop features different kinds of plants and trees. My favourite stop is number 6. The Hokitika tower – 107 steps, 47 metres high that gives a spectacular view!









Beach pleeease!! The iconic Hokitika sign made out of driftwoods. If you go to Hokitika, make sure you have a photo just like below. 🙂


From the Hokitika beach, It took us 40 mins to get to Hokitika Gorge. A must visit if you are going west. Make sure that you fit the Gorge into your West Coast schedule. See Photos below; no explanation needed why you need to go there. 😉

We travelled almost 2 hours from Hokitika to Punakaiki to see amazing rock formations that looks like stack of pancakes! Hmmm.. Yum! We stuffed our eyes with the beautiful view. The weather finally became much better on the third day of our trip. Sun was too harsh on the skin, but with an amazing view, I didn’t mind getting dark…er. 😉







That concludes our West Coast Trip. Till my next Anneventure! XOXO

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