You Dim Sum, You Lose Sum. Our Asian Themed Dinner

It’s Chiiiibog time!! hahaha! Yeah… I ‘ve been watching too much videos of the Vlog Squad. Shout out to DasoFam and DGAF Squad lol!

Ika nga ni Julia Child “People who love to eat are always the best people”. Have you seen the movie Julie and Julia starring Meryl Streep and Amy Adams? For those of you na hindi kilala si Julia Child, she was a chef, author at may cooking show din siya noon. Sa kasalukuyang panahon, (wow! tagalog na tagalog) para siyang si Martha Stewart. Try to watch the movie, guys!

I’ve always liked the idea of having monthly dinner with friends katulad ng napapanood ko sa movies. Kung may Thursday dinner with friends sila Popoy and Basha, my friends and I will have themed dinners naman once a month. Haha! Why not di ba? Kahit wala akong Popoy, meron naman akong Krizzy, Kenneth, Anj and Chino!


Ate Angelie and I have decided that we will travel the world on our monthly dinners. So we will pick a country/state/continent as a theme for our dinners.

Hindi na kami lumayo pa. First dinner theme namin is Asian Cuisine. We had bulgogi, kimchi, Korean side dishes, dumplings and of course,  we dipped and swished our thinly sliced meat and slurped the hot flavorful broth of the hot pot full of fish and shrimp balls with mushrooms, carrots and Chinese cabbage.

“Kanpai!” as we all know is how you say “cheers” in Japanese. Para mas feel pa namin ang Asian themed dinner namin, pass muna kami kay Tito Jack and Lolo Jose.


Knock knock! who’s there? Sake. Sake Who? Sake ka na lang (sake ka na lang) iingatan ko ang puso mo.. hahahah!! Waley!

First time namin lahat ma-try itong Japanese Sake. First round of shot was fine. May bitterness pero parang water lang ang iniinom.  Second round.. Ahmm.. Let’s just say na hindi na ako pumangatlo pa. Hindi na siya masarap, beshy! Lalong pumait. Feeling namin depende sa kinakain mo yung lasa ng sake.


Aside from the sake, we also had beer called Asahi. (Akala ko brand lang yun ng appliances. Beer din pala!) Asahi Super Dry is a Japanese rice lager style beerbrewed by Asahi Brewery Ltd in Japan. (Thanks, Google).

Since it was the dessert queens’ idea to have this dinner, we had the prettiest and yummiest dessert! Matcha Japanese cotton cheesecake with chocolate wafer and vanilla ice cream.



I sincerely appreciate the friendship that we have.

In life, you win some and you lose some. Having these people in my life is definitely a win!


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