About Bao Bar

I love to eat. I mean, who doesn’t? Right? So another chibog post!!!

We tried this Asian street food inspired restaurant for an afternoon snack and I can say that the ambiance, decor, staff and of course the food are all spot on. It’s called Bao Bar. Located at 111A Riccarton Road, Christchurch, New Zealand.


The interior is very much like the cafés that you see in a Japanese or Korean TV series. It will make you want to stay and just chill for a little bit longer. Maybe read a book, or write a blog post while eating one of their baoger and kumara crisps.

 I’ve tried their baoger, baoritto, kumara crisps and their Bao tasting plate.


What is baoger? It’s a steamed bun stuffed with different flavourful meat and vegetables.

Chicken Baoger: Southern style chicken with shredded lettuce, chutney and chili mayo

Baorrito is a Chinese handmade crepe filled with meat and vegetables.

Chicken Baorrito: Southern style chicken with coleslaw and chili mayo
Pork Belly Baoger: Five spiced pork belly with cucumber, spring onion, coriander, peanuts and hoisin sauce
Kumara crisps sprinkled with cumin salt

The server recommended that we try their tasting plate which is good for sharing and we will be able to try almost all of their sides dishes.


What’s in it? Southern Style fried chicken, kimchi rice croquette, fried tofu with Vietnamese tamarind sauce, takoyaki, cheesy garlic bao bread with basil pesto and salad.  You get four of each kind.

My personal favourite were the pork belly baoger and their sides. I bet I could finish one set of the tasting plate by myself! haha!

Two thumbs up for Bao Bar. Seeing these photos makes me want to visit again and treat myself with their amazing food. Not just that, I felt so relaxed when I was there. Definitely a good place to eat and chill.

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